He's like a trout on a river bank flip flopping all over the place. It's time to throw him back in the water. Fauci needs to retire.

That's how one of our Montana Talks listeners described the latest revelations from Dr. Fauci, where he is now backtracking on both the origins of COVID-19 as well as funding for so-called "gain of function" research. (On top of his earlier flip flops on masks and more)

Beyond retiring, Fauci needs to be held accountable. As Senator Tom Cotton pointed out:


Jordan Schachtel has a good summary of the Fauci emails:


Jeremy Carl called out Dr. Fauci months ago. He is a senior fellow with The Claremont Institute, now based in Bozeman, Montana and joined us on Tuesday's Montana Talks.

We got his reaction to the fact that newly released e-mails from Dr. Fauci show that he knew the origins of COVID-19 was a big debate taking place in US government circles. Fauci's own experts told him that they believed the virus was likely engineered, and not natural. We also can see the e-mail traffic from some of the same doctors who were involved with funding coronavirus at the lab in China thanked Dr. Fauci for forcefully arguing against the lab release theory last year.

Here's the full audio of our chat with Jeremy Carl from The Claremont Institute:

Jeremy Carl authored a piece last September headlined: "FROM AIDS TO COVID: THE POLITICAL CAPTURE OF AMERICA’S PUBLIC HEALTH ESTABLISHMENT. Too often, public health has been sacrificed to progressivism." It is definitely worth a read. Click here for the full column posted at Human Events.

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