High School students in Montana, Idaho and Utah interested in a possible career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are invited to attend the online FBI Teen Academy this year.

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KGVO News spoke with the FBI’s Community Involvement Specialist Melinda Nakai in Salt Lake City for details on the program, whose registration deadline has been extended to March 18.

“We hosted our first virtual Teen Academy last year, and we're doing it again this spring,” said Nakai. “We're inviting all teenagers who are enrolled in accredited high schools in the three states in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 to apply for the academy.”
Nakai outlined some of the subjects that students attending the Teen Academy will participate in.

“For example, we have a course on evidence in hazardous material collection at crime scenes,” she said. “Another is FBI Swat Team information. Then they will go into FBI investigative program presentations. Those include subjects like domestic terrorism, civil rights, crimes against children and cybercrime.”

Nakai provided registration information for the FBI Teen Academy.

“The application should be accompanied by an essay, and the student can put in their information about what they do in their communities, as well as school activities, if they're involved in sports clubs, and volunteer work,” she said. “All of that will be considered in the application and selection process.”

Nakai said nearly all students who apply are accepted to the academy.

“Last year, we were fortunate enough to host close to 60 students online and most of the kids were accepted,” she said. “We're looking for that sort of turnout again this year. There will also be a section about employment within the FBI. Students will learn about the different jobs within the bureau and about eligibility requirements to become employed by the FBI.”

Click here to access the registration form for the FBI Teen Academy.

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