A Missoula man was arrested on Sunday for pulling a knife on his girlfriend.

“On Sunday at about 12:46 in the afternoon officers were called to a residence in the 1200 block of Cleveland Street, the complainant there stated  that she had asked a boyfriend to leave her apartment several times, but he refused, and at one point he held her down and brandished a folding knife,” said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh.

The woman had scratches on her face, but was treated by EMT’s and not taken to the hospital… the man, however, was taken straight to jail.

“Although he didn’t injure her with the knife she did suffer some minor injuries to her face when he was holding her down and putting his hand over her face," Welsh said. "He was identified as 38-year-old Christopher Snyder. He was located just outside the apartment building and was taken to the Missoula Detention Center where he is being held on one charge of assault with a weapon and one count of Partner or Family Member Assault.”

This is Mr. Snyder’s first charge for Partner or Family Member Assault, and is only facing a misdemeanor for that, however, he did get a felony assault with a weapon charge.

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