The Dry Gulch Fire has burned over a quarter of an acre about five miles up Dry Gulch Road in an area near Frenchtown that has not experienced any lightning strikes over the past few days, according to Fire Prevention Specialist Jordan Koppen with the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

“We have a DNRC engine up there, along with Missoula Rural, Frenchtown Fire and a Nine-Mile engine,” said Koppen. “I heard it was about a quarter of an acre in size, and it’s being investigated at this time.”

Koppen said there has been no lightning in the area, so authorities are investigating how the fire may have started.

“There’s a pretty good breeze up there and I know there are some homes that are fairly close, and it’s one of those situations where we need to start watching out for these hot dry conditions,” he said. “Just the other day we had a chain fire, where someone was dragging a chain behind their truck and there was a small fire in the barrow pit, but luckily we got on it quickly. We’re trying to encourage the public that we still have some lightning holdover fires in the area, so the last thing we need is a human caused fire.”

Crews were on hand tamping out the fire while the investigation continues about its origin.

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