In February, KGVO reported the Missoula County Attorney’s office pursuing the possibility of using mediation in criminal cases, a process that may have never been used in Montana. Missoula Chief Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks said the first criminal mediation case was successful this week.

"The sheriff's department responded to a call, a domestic violence incident; When the deputies were approaching, Mr. Statelen drove his pickup truck at them," Marks said. "The course of the ensuing events of the deputies fired a couple shots into the pickup, striking Mr. Statelen before they were able to get the pickup stopped, and get him into custody."

Although this is the first time mediation for a criminal case has been used in the state, Marks said to not expect this tool to be used too often.

"I mean, I think it's probably good for the appropriate case. I don't think it will become a routine matter," Marks said. "I don't know. I think that's something we are going to have to explore going forward. I'm sure we will be talking about it again when we find another case that would be good for that."

Marks said the County Attorney’s office also filed nine new felony cases in the past week, three involving the use to methamphetamine.