Most of the time we all have good sense of humors as it is no surprise that not everyone Most of the time we all have a good sense of humor... but not all of the time. We laugh at some of these and others we take very seriously.

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    "Do You Ride Horses to School Still?"

    I hear this more often then I should but it always makes me laugh 'cause sometimes it just a joke or a "jab," I guess.

  • Messing with Fishing Accesses

    This is number one on my list along with people not allowing the high water-mark law to take effect and trying to bully you away from property. Be respectful both ways and hopefully this will uphold in the law. Those private land owners that try to close public fishing accesses... GRRRRRR

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    Public Lands in Public Hands

    Much like the fishing, when you start messing with public hunting areas and turning them to private, before you know it there isn't much public area to hunt. Should be part of freedom to have those resources and the government has to protect that, it's a way of life and a way to survive. Thanks to BHA for " Public Lands in Public Hands".

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    "Where is Montana?"

    I am not sure if it is just me or not, but when people ask that question I am always confused as to how they don't know where it is. I always try to answer with a sarcastic or false answer, just for fun of course.

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    I think we can all agree that we have a tongue-in-cheek joke that we don't like the Cali folks moving to Montana. Stay in California, the weather is better. It is all in good fun, though. (Mostly...)