Dr. Peter McCullough is in Billings, Montana on this Tuesday evening. He is the doctor who spent three hours on Joe Rogan's podcast last month talking about COVID-19 treatments, and why the government has focused too much of an emphasis on the vaccine and masks.

I caught up with him ahead of Tuesday night's event with the Big Sky Liberty Alliance. When I first chatted with Dr. McCullough, it was in between Christmas and New Year's. What has changed since then, of course, is that the US Supreme Court has blocked a federal vaccine mandate targeting private businesses with more than 100 employees, but allowed a mandate targeting health care workers to move forward.

So what is Dr. McCullough's message tonight in light of that news? And what about the vaccine, especially in light of the Omicron variant?

Dr. Peter McCullough: People get sick with Omicron just as easily whether they've taken a vaccine or not. The vaccine at this point, time is a useless measure. But we can have important measures in place to make it safer, especially for nursing home patients.Regular hospital workers- the biggest danger there is hospitals actually firing workers, essential workers that are needed, and then they don't have enough staff to manage the other problems.

And now, in places like Arizona, they're having sick hospital workers show up to work at the hospital, even though they're COVID positive and symptomatic, but they're saying show up anyway because we're short on staff. These are some of the same hospitals who fired health care workers over the vaccine mandates.

Dr. Peter McCullough: We saw those reports out of California telling COVID positive patients who are workers, if they don't have severe symptoms, to show back up to work. I think that was evidence of just complete capitulation that's demonstrating that the policies have effectively failed at this point in time. We should just have reasonable policies for sick people to stay at home. We should drop all testing in the employment arena.

Click here for the full podcast audio of his conversation with Montana Talks statewide radio host Aaron Flint:

As I listened to Dr. McCullough, and after listening to his Joe Rogan podcast conversation, it got me thinking how the Biden Administration and the federal government has basically been treating COVID-19 with a "one trick pony"- the vaccine.

Dr. McCullough: It was too much of a gamble to put everything on the vaccine, we should have had a much more balanced approach to treating the illness, you know, other methods we could do to manage through the pandemic.


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