It was a fun night at Blacksmith Brewing in Stevensville last night. It wasn't just a night of tying flies it was a community night to learn a bit more and enjoy being together.

Like I said this wasn't just any night, it was a different type of fly tying. We had a few different things going on. Kristy Gaul and Heart of the Valley CPR did some fly fishing first aid, everything from getting hooks out of fingers to hypothermia tips. She also gave a discount to those that wanted to sign up for CPR classes. Being CPR certified is so important. You can find out more here and how you can get signed up too.

Then we had the man, myth and legend John Foust of the Bitterroot come join us with his bug collection and of course extensive knowledge of tying flies. He was so cool. He is full of stories. He worked on 'A River Runs Through It', owned a fly shop, one of the first guides in the Bitterroot and has famous flies that he created. Him and his wife were so nice to me. We learned about different types of wings on flies.

Tommy Nichol and his family joined. Tommy guides and also ties flies like a mad man. He was the featured tier and showed some ant patterns and we did a couple worms.

Thank you to everyone who came out and chatted. We had a lot of people just visiting, talking to John and asking about my Bull Trout.


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