We always love a good celebrity story in Montana, and there's a reason why you may have seen this story blowing up on Facebook: Metallica's former bassist is selling his ranch in Sula, Montana. (That's not too far outside Missoula for those of you who might be interested.)

Jason Newsted left Metallica in 2001 but was still inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hope you've been saving your pennies, because he listed the 5,800 square foot house on 545 acres of land for just shy of $5 million. But, according to Blabbermouth's report, it's up on a high ridge and surrounded by public lands and other large holdings, so you'll have a a 360-degree view of the beautiful Montana countryside.

Whoever is showing this house is in for a good commission, I'd guess. Check out the video below (which I assume is narrated by Jason) for a cool overview of the house.

Don't know how to get to Sula? We can tell you how... but you'll have to find the house on your own. Sorry!

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