From holding China accountable, to COVID-19, and the flip-flopping Dr. Fauci- former Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro had a lot to say to Montanans.

We opened up the conversation by mocking the fact that the World Health Organization skipped the Greek letter "Xi" when naming the latest COVID-19 variant because they wanted to avoid "causing offense." (The Chinese leader's name is Xi Jinping, and many have argued that the WHO is in the back pocket of Xi Jinping)

Navarro: They can't name the virus Xi. Hey, by the way, that damn thing came from Wuhan. It came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. I was in the White House. I'm telling you this is a fact- that lab is a P4  bioweapons lab run by the People's Liberation Army. That lab was funded by Dr. Tony Fauci. And by the way, Fauci was the guy who lifted the ban on the so called gain of function experiments that can turn a harmless bat virus into a human killer. So this is absurd.

Navarro joined us on the radio earlier this week. He also had some very interesting comments regarding the COVID vaccine debate. Click below to listen to the full audio:

Navarro has a new book out called "In Trump Time: My Journal of America's Plague Year."

He closed out our conversation by highlighting the massive overspending that is taking place in Washington, DC. He's urging Montanans to write and call their senators and congressman to "just say no. Say no to this debt ceiling, say no to this new plan. Filibuster."

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