Both President and Mrs. Trump both spoke on Thursday about the epidemic of opiod drugs in the U.S,, however Montana Attorney General Tim Fox also emphasized the challenge of both alcohol and methamphetamine.

"Attorney General Fox appreciated the president's announcement of a state of emergency over the opiod epidemic," said. spokesman Eric Sell. "It's important the focus and resources be devoted to addressing the issue of substance abuse, particularly something as deadly as opiods. But it's also really important to remember that we don't just have an opiod epidemic, particularly in Montana, but we also have other drugs that are driving crimes much more, such as methamphetamine and alcohol. Those are still the primary drivers of substance abuse crimes in the state of Montana."

Sell said there are also may more violent crimes associated with alcohol and meth.

"That can't get lost in this discussion about opiods," he said. "We're really pleased with what the president has done in regards to opiods, and we're hopeful that we can find some solutions to the substance abuse problem in general."

Fox recently introduced a new program called AID Montana, Addressing the Impact of Drugs, which includes an organized crime task force.


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