If you haven’t’ noticed, gas prices in the state are still dropping. GasBuddy Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan gives us the exact numbers.

“Wholesale gas prices continue to drop across the area and that has pushed Montana’s prices down by close to seven cents a gallon in the last week,” DeHaan said. “Prices are currently at $2.37 and they were at $2.45 a week ago. Prices have continued to come down nicely across the region. The price of gas at Costco in Missoula is at $2.25 a gallon.”

Prices may be dropping in Montana, but our average is still 15 cents higher than the national average of $2.22 a gallon. DeHaan expects that prices will begin to go up soon.

“I think it could be within the next few weeks,” DeHaan said. “I wouldn’t say necessarily imminently, but over the next couple of weeks we may see prices go a little bit lower before they go back up. Fill up now or in the next week. That wouldn’t be a bad idea or just buckle up and prepare for some higher prices in the weeks ahead.”

GasBuddy released their 2019 forecast on Wednesday and told motorists that they will be spending a little more at the pump during the summer, but that the yearly average may be slightly lower compared to 2018.

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