Although the steady decline in gas prices tapered off in the state this past week, filling up your tank is nothing compared to prices in 2013, where the average price for a gallon of gas was a whopping $3.15. Will Speer with said prices in Montana are averaging $1.70.

"Only about a half of a cent decline week on week," Speer said. "But that's a little bit better than the United States which saw a penny and a half increase."

Speer said the uptick in prices nationally is expected this time of year.

"We've also seen in some refineries voluntarily cut their production levels due to poor economics," Speer said. "While the inventory situation is still healthy in the region, some of this less production that we're seeing has caused prices to kind of level off."

Neighboring states are seeing similar prices at the pump. In Idaho the average price for gas is $1.86. Wyoming falls a little lower, with $1.64 per gallon.