Okay so trust me when I say that getting a PAID internship in the entertainment industry is almost unheard of!!! But thanks to our buddies at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, they posted a link for two awesome internship opportunities that are BOTH PAID!

While the money isn't much, it's still money and the experience you will receive working for the International Documentary Association is priceless!

Personally, I started my radio career right here in Missoula while I was still a broadcast journalism student at the University of Montana. After I graduated, I moved back home to southern California and got an un-paid programming internship at iHeart Radio in Los Angeles, working for the #1 hit music station in LA, 102.7 KIISFM. The long hours and hard work paid off in the end though because iHeart (104.3 MYFM) hired me right out of my internship!

I am so thankful for all the experiences and people I was exposed to during my internship. It was truly an invaluable experience and is the reason I am where I am today! And from a hiring standpoint, most employers favor experience over extra schooling. They automatically expect that everyone they are interviewing has graduated from college or trade school, so your experience is what sets you apart! Your 10 degrees won't go that far in the entertainment industry without real-world experience to back them up...

So if you are embarking on the long, but fulfilling journey of documentary films, I would highly suggest applying for this IDA internship!

This is how the IDA is summarizing the internship program:

  • With generous support from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the IDA is pleased to offer two full-time, paid summer student internships: Educational Programs Intern and Filmmaker Services Internship. Both of these opportunities are for 10 weeks, starting no sooner than June 5, 2017 and ending by August 25, 2017. The weekly pay for these full time positions is $480.

Thank you Big Sky Film Festival for sharing this with us!

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