Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte was at the Axmen in Missoula with representatives from the Job Creators Network to tout the Trump Administration’s tax cuts and their effect on the economy.

Gianforte met with a woman who owned several small businesses and explained the current benefits and the next steps the administration wants to take.

“We have to secure the gains we had, so we’re going to make the tax cuts that we just passed permanent,” said Gianforte. “We also want to help small business with healthcare costs, so we’re providing some tax advantage with health savings accounts to provide individuals with more choices. The third thing is through tax advantage to help individuals save for retirement, so that’s the next set of plays we’re going to run.”

Gianforte then brought up the chronic shortage of workers, and the woman agreed.

“All over the state it’s tough for businesses to find workers, so we’re also working on helping people get the skills they need to get back in the work force, and encouraging people through welfare reform to encourage able-bodied people to get back to work.”

Gianforte also met with two representatives from Forward Montana, who spoke with him about being more accessible to the public while he is making his trips through the state.

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