Lockwood served as host to the first ever girls state wrestling tournament in Montana- and it turned out to be a huge success based off of what we heard from fans and family members alike.

Wrestling is a huge sport in Montana, and there are some towns and some families that are simply known for being wrestling towns and wrestling families in Montana. It was pretty cool as we were chatting with Dana Bishop about the wrestling tournament, we got a phone call from a listener in Belgrade who has eight grandkids. Every single one of them, boys and girls, is a wrestler.

Many of you know Dana Bishop. He has served as a referee for many football games and wrestling meets over the years. He's also a strong supporter of student athletes through organizations like the Midland Roundtable in Billings.

Dana had a front row seat for the first-ever girls state wrestling tournament here in Montana, and he says it was incredible all around- Lockwood did a great job hosting,  the young women turned out and did a great job wrestling, and the families and friends showed great support.

Check out our full conversation with Dana Bishop on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast" by clicking here.

Dana also shared some more photographs via Twitter:

The finals were fun! I had the best seat in the house for half of the championship matches! Shout out to Lockwood Schools, and everyone that made the first All Class Girls State Wrestling Championships a great event!


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