New Colstrip owners and Sierra Club and the Montana Environmental Information Center announced earlier this week the shutdown of Colstrip units one and two on or before 2022. Reactions varied, but Montana Gov. Steve Bullock joined Sen. Steve Daines and others who were devastated by the news.

"I stand with the workers and the community of Colstrip in being angry about this settlement outcome. Look, the parties of this lawsuit took care of themselves. I'm going to work to take care of the employees and their families," Bullock said. "The task before us is large, but achievable. We will protect the people of Colstrip and their families, we'll keep energy flowing out of Colstrip, and we're going to harness the energy jobs in the future, without propping up out-of-state corporations with taxpayer resources."

Governor Bullock is reaching out to community leaders, including Colstrip Mayor John Williams, Senator Duane Ankney, and Representative Geraldine Custer, to tell them that the state will continue to have discussions about options for the units at Colstrip.

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