These days, it seems like a pen and paper are less mandatory in the classroom, as the digital age takes over and encourages students’ learning potential. Montana Governor Steve Bullock partnered up with the national nonprofit EducationSuperHighway to help upgrade schools with high-speed Internet and encourages Montana students to reach their full learning potential.

"There are many places in our state that lack sufficient Internet access, or if they have it, it's not adequate for the needs of our students in 2015," Parker said. "The organization is going to work with individual schools to map their connectivity and then figure out where we're going to have the most impact."

Parker said preliminary analysis shows up to 160 Montana schools could benefit by upgrading to high-speed Internet connection.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Governor Bullock, his team, and the Department of Public Instruction to make their connectivity goals a reality,” said Evan Marwell, CEO of EducationSuperHighway. “Digital learning has the power to transform education and every student deserves equal access to these tools. Governor Bullock’s commitment to upgrading every school with fiber connectivity is a leading example of the first essential step to ensuring equal access to educational opportunity for all K-12 students.”

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