The famous sled-dog race in Alaska had a fellow Montanan competing, dentist by day but musher by hobby.

Brett Bruggeman who is the owner of Bruggeman Endodontics in Great Falls was in the big sled-dog race in Alaska. The race started two weeks ago and this dentist was in the top 40! He finished 39th in the 1,000 mile race across the snowy state of Alaska. I read that he was a linebacker for BYU on the Great Falls Tribune website. They also wrote about how Brett became interested in this sport.

He started out with a 16 dog team and in the end 14 dogs still were working. He had never done this famous race before and only wanted to finish and that he did.

Also a cool fact I read on the Great Falls Tribune site is that Carroll College graduate Linwood Fiedler of Alaska finished 10th. 

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