Bozeman software entrepreneur Greg Gianforte was officially sworn in as Montana's lone Congressman Wednesday afternoon on the floor of the U.S. House .

After the customary applause for Gianforte and his wife, the new Congressman told the House his plans to 'drain the swamp'.

"I am Montana's lone voice here in this House," Gianforte said. "Sent by the people to do the work of the people, and the MT comes before the 'R' or the 'D' after my name. I promised the people of Montana that I would come to Washington and drain the swamp, and that's why today, my first three bills will be 'no balanced budget, no pay;' term limits; and a ban on lobbying for members of Congress after they leave office. We need to bring accountability to Washington, D.C.."

The C-SPAN commentator said the Montana Democratic Party sent Gianforte an orange jumpsuit to commemorate his swearing in ceremony, a poke at Gianforte's conviction of misdemeanor assault on a reporter on the eve of the special election.

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