The Griz Football season has gone how most have predicted so far. We beat both Valparaiso and Savannah State, and lost to a very good team out of the University of Washington. But this game coming up this weekend has been named one of if not the biggest home games of the regular season.

This Saturday we welcome the Eastern Washington Eagles into Washington Grizzly Stadium, it is going to be a great game played by both extremely talented football teams. We need to do everything we can as fans to help out our Grizzlies.

As Griz fans we need to bring everything we got this weekend, meaning we need to be as loud as possible. We need to be loud from the minute they step onto the field until the last second falls from the clock. We need to make sure we are back in the stadium for the kickoff of the second half. Also, make sure we are extra loud when their offense is on third down.

These are all little things we can do as fans to make sure we help out our Grizzlies this weekend. It's going to be a game we are talking about for months, so lets make sure we do all we can to help our Griz get the victory!


    Griz Cheer Team

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