Life has had its ups and downs for former Montana Grizzly wide receiver and kick returner Marc Mariani over the past few years, but things are definitely heading up in 2014.

Mariani has signed a new contract with his NFL team, the Tennessee Titans.

"A week ago I just re-signed, and got a new deal with the Tennessee Titans again," Mariani said on Friday, March 28 from his training facility in southern California. "I'll be back in action and feeling better than ever this coming spring and leading to the summer and fall, so I really looking forward to it."

Mariani had a golden rookie year in 2010, setting new records in punt and kickoff returns for the Titans, and even garnering a coveted Pro-Bowl spot. Then, in 2012, he suffered a gruesome broken leg in a preseason game, and was out for the season. After rehabilitation, he suffered a shoulder injury in 2013, and the coaching staff placed him on injured reserve yet again for the season. Now, completely healthy, Mariani is back on the team with a whole new coaching staff.

"A whole new coaching staff is in place now," Mariani said. "That's the reason why we actually have the early return date. We'll get an extra two weeks of preparation because of the new coaching staff. Coach Whisenhunt is the new top guy, and I couldn't be more happy about getting back to Nashville and getting back to work with him and his staff."

Mariani said he keeps close tabs on his alma mater, with a special eye on players who may be joining him in the pros.

"I saw how the guys absolutely killed it on on pro day, and I'm stoked for the guys who have the chance to play at the next level this year," Mariani said. "Believe it, I'll be watching just as eager as everyone to hear their names called on draft day."

In addition to signing a new football contract, Mariani entered into a more lasting, lifetime contract, marrying Carly, the sister of his former teammate Cole Berquist. He said his life is absolutely full of blessings and possibilities right now, and the pain, hard work and perseverance have really paid off.

Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver and Kick Returner Marc Mariani



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