Arbor Day is April 29 and, as usual, the City of Hamilton will be planting a tree or two. Hamilton has been a Tree City USA member since the turn of the century - 2001, to be exact. And mayors have been adding to the city "forest" annually.

In the past arbor Days, trees have been planted at Claudia Driscoll Park, the Hamilton Dog Park and this year, there will be two trees planted on the lawn of Hamilton's City Hall.

Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf said two trees were removed awhile ago and the new replacements will be put in the ground at 10 a.m. Friday. Amy Fox, Director of Parks and Urban Forestry, invited the public to the short ceremony.

The mayor will read an official Arbor Day Proclamation and will also recite one of his hand-crafted poem for the trees. Farrenkopf is a regular guest on KLYQ's 8 a.m. Friday Event Show and writes a new poem for broadcast weekly.

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Amy Fox said the trees will always be "an important part of our everyday life" in the city. The public is also invited to simply walk along the Bitterroot River and enjoy the natural tree-filled landscapes in the city parks.

Montana Arboretum at UM will celebrate Arbor Day

In Missoula, the major Arbor Day celebration will be at the State of Montana Arboretum, which is the University of Montana campus. Thursday, April 28, Big Sky Bonsai and Missoula Bonsai Collective will have a bonsai demonstration from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the University Center. At 6:30 p.m., the documentary "The Hidden Life of Trees" will be at the UC Theater. Friday at noon, UM President Seth Bodnar will read an Arbor Day proclamation and unveil a new UM tree - the Arbor Day larch.

um main hall
Main Hall at University of Montana. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

The UM campus was designated the Montana Arboretum in 1991. Marilyn Marler of the State of Montana Arboretum committee said in a news release that the campus trees provide more than beauty. "We use it all the time for teaching plant sciences at UM. It's an irreplaceable resource for the whole community."

There are more Arbor Day ceremonies throughout Montana. Or, go plant a tree on your own. We're all just keepin' it green around here.

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