It's official! Luke Bryan will be singing the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl!



First Lady Gaga  and the New England Patriots and now Luke Bryan too?? And I thought the SB couldn't get much better than it already is! My heart is about to burst due to a happiness overload!

In a recent inteview with CMT, Luke talked about how excited/honored he is to get to be able to sing the national anthem. He said , "I never served in the military — that’s something I wish I had had the opportunity to do, but I feel like this is my way of honoring my country. It’s a little chance to serve.”

You gotta love a good ol' country boy! #America

We have every bit of faith that he will completely crush his national anthem performance... even though he is rooting for the Atlanta Falcons!

To check out Luke Bryan's full interview with CMT, click HERE!

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