There were a couple of stories that had me laughing hysterically at about 520 this morning when I was prepping for my radio show.

The first story was this one about the county health department inspecting a bikini barista coffee kiosk in the Billings Heights:

For those who can't view the tweet above, here's what I said:

The health dept mask police are at it again(laughter emojis)..."In July, Yellowstone County's public-health department, RiverStone Health, conducted an inspection at Steady Grinding but didn’t find any code violations."

The other story that had me rolling laughing was when Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) was asked what, if anything, in the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act" actually reduces inflation. He didn't even attempt to answer the question. He just simply said, "next question."

They call it the "Inflation Reduction Act", but we all know that the bill is only going to drive up inflation even further. I like how Paul Mushaben, one of "The Breakfast Flakes" on Cat Country in Billings, called it "The Freedom Reduction Act."

But the story gets even more comical. Here's Liz Cheney's buddy Jamie Raskin from the Soviet-style January 6th Committee refusing to answer a question about the Inflation Reduction Act. It got me looking for a story to show how these two are good buddies.

That's when I found this piece from the Washington Examiner which noted how Raskin wrote a book claiming that Liz Cheney's dad Dick Cheney "stole the election" in 2000. How funny is that? Her hatred for Trump led her to team up with the very people who hated her dad.

Questioning the election is dangerous to Democracy, unless you're the Dick Cheney hating Jamie Raskin.


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