Homecoming week at the University of Montana means a parade and a football game, of course, but there are many other smaller festivities planned for UM alumni and visitors to the campus for the remainder of the week.

Events Coordinator for the Alumni Association Angie Weisenberger invites volunteers to paint the ‘M’ on Wednesday evening.

“We’re going to get volunteers together to go and paint the ‘M’ on Wednesday evening, said Weisenberger. “All the volunteers will be getting free hot dogs and ice cream. The basketball team is helping us out, but it takes a lot of people because that ‘M’ is pretty danged big.”

Many of the major events will take place on Friday.

“We’ll have our pep rally right after our distinguished alumni awards ceremony that will be in the University Center Ballroom,” she said. “We invite people to come and enjoy that, as we have five truly outstanding alums coming back.”

Weisenberger said Saturday’s parade is one of the largest so far.

“We have upwards of 120 entries, and we’re excited to see how people interpret our ‘Montana Strong’ theme,” she said. “We’ll be out on Higgins Avenue bright and early starting at 10, so come on down, get some candy, see lots of politicians, see all the floats and the marching bands.”

Tailgaiting will officially start at noon, with the kickoff of the Homecoming football game between the University of Montana Grizzlies and the Portland State Vikings at 2:07 p.m.

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