For those who love math and sweet treats, March 14th is a big holiday. Everyone from the casual math fan to professional mathematicians have been celebrating Pi Day for many years.

What is Pi Day?

March 14th was officially designated as Pi Day in the U.S. in 2009. The Greek letter Pi represents a mathematical constant, the first three numbers are 3.14, thus, the 3/14 holiday. Did your kids ever have to memorize Pi in grade school? Ours did, and he would walk around reciting dozens of numbers of Pi in order, it was nuts!

How do we celebrate Pi Day?

Pi Day is typically celebrated in America by eating pie. Hard-core math fans also discuss math and do math on Pi Day, but most of us just use it as an excuse to eat pie, pizza and dessert style. 

Best place to get pie in Missoula.

Bernice's Bakery will offer a wide variety of fresh-made pies by the slice today. Their "by-the-slice" feature is back for the holiday with flavors including fruit pies, cream pies, key lime, and their special White Russian Cream Pie. Bernice's pumpkin pie is bomb and my family also loves their strawberry rhubarb. They will also have an abundance of rustic pies in takeaway tins for those who are having Pi Day gatherings.

We've had plenty of pizza lately at my house so I think I'll go with Shepherd's Pie for dinner with something awesome from Bernice's for dessert. Happy Pi Day!

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