Hi there! I'm Mike, I just started here on Zoo FM. I used to live in New York, land of pizza, bagels, and pizza bagels. Last week, I embarked on an epic three-day journey for my move from New York to Missoula. If you've never gone on a road trip for that long stretch of time, here are some tips for you to plan your very own.

1. Take frequent breaks

When I first left my home in New York, I think I drove for something like six hours straight before I took my first break. This was a rookie movie. Take a break every two hours or so at whatever rest stop you can find. Your butt will thank you for it.

2. Pack as light as possible

All I brought with me is whatever I could fit in my car. It makes transportation a little easier knowing you didn't bring all of your earthly possessions, plus if your car gets stolen, you'll only be missing a few shirts.

3. Bring Snacks! All The Snacks!

Keep one hand on the wheel and one hand in a box of Cheez-Its at all times. You get surprisingly hungry on the road!

4. Sing along to every song on the radio, even if you don't know the words

Remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother where they sing "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers on a road trip over and over and over again? Yeah, that's pretty accurate.

5. Perhaps the most important tip of all: SUNGLASSES

I forgot my sunglasses like a chump and had to buy new ones. Don't be like Mike, the sunglasses-less chump. Be the guy who remembered his sunglasses.

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