Gas prices were supposed to increase in February, but they have slowly dropped over the past couple of weeks in Montana. Patrick DeHaan is the Head of Petroleum Analysis at and he has the official numbers.

“The current state-wide average is $2.23 a gallon in the state of Montana,” DeHaan said. “Looking closer at Missoula, prices are on the low side at $2.22 a gallon. That is where you will find almost all of the stations in Missoula, right at $2.22 a gallon. That is just under that state-wide average.”

According to DeHaan, there is a huge supply of gasoline right now and that has led to cheap prices across the country.

“Eventually here in the weeks ahead, we will start to see more a clearance sale if you will,” DeHaan said. “Prices may continue to actually drift down even as oil process are higher and that is because the supply of gasoline is just through the roof. There is a lot of supply that has to get purged out of the system ahead of the switch over to summer gasoline.”

DeHaan says motorists should expect some attractive prices for now, but that won’t be the case as summer approaches.

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