It’s been a wet and cloudy October so far for most of Montana, but Phillips and Valley County are experiencing a deluge that has left some roads flooded.

"We've had reports of close to six inches of rain in most of Phillips County, it caused a lot of flooding from there on down stream to the Glasgow area," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Ted Jamba. "There was a big low pressure system that pulled in a lot of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, and it all converged on our area."

Jamba says that non-paved roads are bogging down and that the weather has put a real damper on bow hunting season.

"Mostly in the outlying areas where there is a lot of gravel and dirt roads, we've had reports of hunters in the area unable to travel because the muddy roads are tough to travel on with all of this lane," Jamba said. "Many are hunkered down, or have left the area."

Jamba says the flooding is expected to be over by next week.

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