It's not the fault of the vaccinated. It's not the fault of the unvaccinated. It's China's fault.

The Communist Chinese caused this global pandemic, and yet here we are- Americans are still fighting with fellow Americans. Our own government is deliberately dividing one American against another. Our own government is driving us deeper into bankruptcy, and states and localities are once again threatening the same mask mandates and lockdowns that didn't work the first go-round.

How about instead of spending all day attacking their fellow Americans, the politicians start fighting the global PR campaign against the communist government that is actually responsible for this pandemic?

Here's the deal. You want to wear a mask? Wear a mask. Just don't force others to. You want the vaccine? Get the vaccine. Just don't force others to. You know what will encourage people to get the vaccine? Let them know that 85% of the people hospitalized at Billings Clinic are unvaccinated, and similar numbers are being reported in Kalispell. Forcing people to get the vaccine, and forcing people to wear masks again, is only raising more suspicions and driving opposition to the vaccine.

But here is what is really sick- the people who seemingly celebrate the news when someone who is against the vaccine or vaccine mandates dies from COVID-19. Just like last Fall- we had people who wore masks and followed all the guidelines and they still got COVID-19. Did we laugh at them and mock them? No. But oh boy, if someone didn't wear a mask and contracted COVID-19, the lockdowners would have a field day.

When I saw that story about a guy on the other side of the country who died from COVID-19 featured on a local TV station Facebook page (Aug 9, 2021 at 4:30 pm), I couldn't help but respond to the people who were mocking a dead man: We have had several people who are fully vaccinated that have died from COVID-19 in Yellowstone County...but let's troll people we disagree with on the other side of the country.

If you're celebrating a supposed COVID death because someone disagrees with you, you're sick. You don't need a mask. You need help.

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