A couple of big changes are in store for Missoula's brewery scene. The latest bit of news came about two weeks ago in the form of KettleHouse putting their southside tap room on Myrtle Street up for sale. But if you go back to late 2021, there was news of another Missoula brewery announcing plans to sell their business. At the time it was pretty shocking news that Robert and Fernanda were putting Imagine Nation Brewing on the market.

Same faces in different places

After it was listed for sale, it seemed like business as usual at Imagine Nation. They continued to hold events and release new beers, and this month saw them participate in Pride activities as well as hold a 7th-anniversary party just this past weekend. But it appears that Imagine Nation Brewing has indeed been sold. They used a social media post for the anniversary party to include a mention of new owners for the brewery. And you might be familiar with the new owners as they're already brewery owners in Missoula.

If you missed the announcement, we are also thrilled to introduce Tim and Annie Graham, founders of @cymaticfermentationproject and @learningwithmeaning, as the new owners of Imagine Nation. We feel extremely confident that they are the right people to take the helm and expand the mission and beer quality at INBC. Robert and Fernanda will remain on to support a healthy transition for the near future and all other staff are committed to helping take the brewery and center for community transformation to the next level.

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What changes are in store with new owners?

Any time a business goes through an ownership change it always raises questions about how things will be different. The part of the announcement that says "they are the right people to take the helm and expand the mission and beer quality at INBC" makes it sound promising that the brewery might remain in the form of the Imagine Nation we know and love. We'll have to wait and see. I suppose the best way to stay in the loop is to pop in for a beverage every now and then!

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