For hundreds of years museums were hallowed places, storied institutions tasked with the noble calling of preserving and exhibiting our art, culture, history and a host of other things that, well, nobody really cares about anymore. Seriously, who wants to spend four hours at The Museum of Natural History looking at some old wooly mammoth you’ve never met in your life when you can go to “The Museum of Talking About Yourself and Hanging Out with Your BFFs” instead?

Nobody, that’s who, which is why the savvy folks over at Intel have created The Museum of Me, a free app (545,000 fans as of June 14) that creates a museum inspired by your life on Facebook. There are no lines to wait on, no suggested donation, just give ‘em your deets and watch as the doors open to a grand gallery filled with photos of you and your friends, things you’ve liked, places you’ve visited and so much more. Finally, a museum that celebrates you for a change.

[Note: The above image is created from the life of one FWD: staffer -- we just aren't saying which one.]

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