When my Father was young, he was the typical 1950's boy. He was obsessed with the old west. With plenty of photos over the years of him wearing his chaps and cowboy hat. Even to this day, he is always reading a book from Louis L'Amour or watching spaghetti westerns.

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While outdoors in Montana, my Dad would always tell stories of old mountain men that once roamed the country we were exploring. Everything from Yellowstone Kelly to Hugh Glass. The stories have stuck with me into adulthood. Pretending to be a mountain man every time I go on a hunt or simply set up a tent.


One of the most famous mountain men was Montana's own, Jim Bridger.

According to Wikipedia

Bridger was part of the second generation of American mountain men and pathfinders who followed the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804–1806, and became well known for participating in numerous early expeditions into the western interior as well as mediating between Native American tribes and westward-migrating European-American settlers.


A television series based on the stories of Jim Bridger is being filmed in Montana this summer. The Montana Film Office announced an open casting call to men and women looking to be a part of the show.

Scripted television series seeking Montana actors local to Missoula/Bitterroot Valley, or willing to work as local, for background performance and multiple supporting speaking roles for "The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger" season 2. Ideal performers can portray rugged inhabitants of the American West during the mid-1800's.

Roles include everything from pioneers and traders to trappers and indigenous people.


The production date is set for July 8th through August 2nd in the Missoula/Bitterroot Area.

Email your photo and resume to ttjb_casting@warmsprings.tv before June 15th.

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