Have you ever heard the saying "PRAY FOR ME, I DRIVE HIGHWAY 93?" It is a saying that you will hear from anyone who travels on one of Montana's most dangerous highways. Every day seems to be a roll of the dice on issues like weather, wildlife, or fatal crashes. For people who commute on this highway, everyday travel on the dangerous highway can be stressful.

I chose to buy a home in the Bitterroot Valley 9 years ago. The commute to Missoula has never really bothered me much. I appreciate the time I get to decompress after work. I enjoy sipping my coffee on the way to work in the morning too. The only time I really get bothered by the drive is in the case of terrible weather or road conditions.

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Where is the best place to get the latest road conditions for Highway 93?

The Montana Department of Transportation has a great website that has updates on road conditions across the state. But, it is a challenge for the MDT website to get specific about stretches of road that span across such a large state. The MDT website has an interactive map that shows you a general summary of what to expect from certain stretches of highway. With conditions varying from "DRY" to "Scattered Ice" and "Snow-covered."

I like to look at the road report before leaving the house. Just so I can get a sense of what to expect from my commute. The only problem is, the MDT site isn't super accurate. I have had the website warn me of poor conditions and prepared myself for an icy drive before. Only to find the roads clear and the weather nearly tropical.



This is why I feel ANYONE who travels to the Bitterroot Valley NEEDS to become a part of an awesome online community called "THE BITTERROOT 500."

This group is a private Facebook group where members share updates on road conditions in real-time. With thousands of people commuting from the Bitterroot to Missoula each day, members regularly share updates on what they experienced firsthand on the roads that day.

  • Someone collided with a cow near Victor? Heard about it on the Bitterroot 500
  • Traffic backed up on the S-Turns near Lolo? Found out on the Bitterroot 500
  • SLOW DOWN! Police writing tickets as fast as they can? Got a heads-up by checking the Bitterroot 500
  • An entire elk heard is trying to cross near Trader Brothers? Found out on the Bitterroot 500

I promise, that if you travel to the Bitterroot for any reason, being a member of this simple online community will save you time and possibly save your life.

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