No matter how long you have lived in one place, we have all driven by a restaurant and thought "Ya know, I have never eaten there before?" No matter how much you eat out, chances are you have not tried everything in town. Even for a little town in Montana.

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I was recently fishing on Flathead Lake and towing my boat back home. As I drove past the tiny town of Evaro, I thought "I have never had a steak at the Buck Snort Steakhouse. Maybe I should stop in someday." Then it dawned on me that I have that same thought every time I tow my boat home from the lake.

Well, it is too late for me to stop at the Buck Snort. Now I have even more of a reason to make the trip to the top of Evaro Hill. No more "maybes."  A new and improved steakhouse is taking over and it is going to be GOOD.

Kim and Scott Feldkamp, of Billings, MT, are the new owners of a fabulous steakhouse in Evaro. KAMPFIRE STEAKHOUSE is a destination steakhouse for serious meat eaters. Owners Kim and Scott are seasoned restaurant owners who operated a successful steakhouse in Edgar. The Edgar Bar Steakhouse created a huge following when they unveiled GIANT prawns on their menu, in addition to hand-cut steaks.

We spoke with Manager, Blake Chamberlin about a possible date for the Grand Opening. He told us that they are simply waiting for a few more county administrative boxes to be checked before they can announce a date. But, renovations and menu refinement continue.

Just check out some of what is going to be offered on the new KAMPFIRE STEAKHOUSE Menu.

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