I have gotten to the age where I make "DAD NOISES." You know? The grunt you make every time you get out of a chair. The moan every time you sit down. The giant exhales after a long day's work. But, I am just sitting behind a microphone all day. I can only imagine what a real "tough day on the job" is like. Days when things just don't go your way and get borderline dangerous. Like when you are a Yellowstone National Park employee and dumb tourists are the least of your worries.

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According to Cowboy State Daily, a Yellowstone National Park employee had a compressed can of bear spray explode on the dash of their vehicle.

The canister blew a hole in the front windshield with enough force to launch itself about 200 feet through the air and landed in a line of trees. Nobody was hurt, but the damage to the vehicle was significant.

Neither the vehicle nor the canister was excessively hot or in direct sunlight. Nevertheless, the canister’s explosion damaged the windshield, dashboard, and airbag while coating the entire interior with its potent chemical concoction.


This is clearly not a common occurrence but has a tendency to happen. If a canister ever does explode in your vehicle you may not be able to find anyone to clean it for you, unless you can afford a hazmat crew to clean it up.

In the case of a bear spray explosion in your vehicle, safely pull over and get fresh air.

Now that I think of it, I have a can of bear spray in the trunk of my car. Rolling around at every stop light. Maybe I should fix that.

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