Montana has more than its fair share of dangerous wildlife. From Grizzly bears to poisonous snakes, they can come in many sizes. But what about those tiny, cute, furry little assassins waiting in the wings to take you out?

Over the last 10 years or so think to yourself how many zombie or apocalypse movies have hit the big screen or even streaming at home. Heck, even in our own backyard we have a sweet custom metal fabrication company that specializes in weapons for the zombie apocalypse. 

When things really go down, it's not the Walking Dead you'll need to worry about. It's the wildlife coming to retake what's theirs. And I'm not talking about Grizzlies or Bobcats. It's the squirrels.

Yes. The squirrels.

According to this graph, we are way outnumbered by these tree parkour champions.


How did they come up with this figure? I wondered that myself. According to the graph:

To find this I combined all the data on squirrel census taken the past 8 years in 5 different instances across 3 distinct states. I add the total of the squirrels counted in all instances and find the average, and do the same for acres. I use those averages to find an average ratio for squirrel per acre. -Stats Panda

Those cute, fuzzy little tree dwellers that we see all the time, but don't really register how often. As it turns out, in Montana, it's a lot. So much so that according to Stats Panda they outnumber us 21 - 0 or more.

I can totally see that. I remember when I first visited Missoula, specifically around the University, and I kept seeing these monster-sized squirrels running everywhere. As a joke, I remember "Geez, I bet they are good at eating". Little did I know, that squirrel was probably thinking the same thing about me.

Now might be a good time to refill that feeder and start making friends with these fuzzy little tree dwellers. Just saying...

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