Missoula has always been known for having great nightlife. With University students looking to unwind after a test, the party can get pretty wild. But did you know that the nightlife in our small mountain town is internationally famous?

There is a popular cocktail bar in Scotland simply called "Missoula."

We originally discovered this place in 2013. People all over town were buzzing that the one and only, Justin Bieber, was hanging out in "Missoula."

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According to our post from nearly a decade ago

"Bieber Fever" takes our small mountain town today. Followers on Twitter of that semi-talented brat, discovered that Justin was making an appearance AT Missoula tonight. But their enraged hormones didn't allow them to read further into the topic and find that he is actually in the  UK.

It was almost like H.G. Wells, and "War of the Worlds." Fans mistakingly thought the "Beebs" was in Montana. Justin Bieber fans were scouring downtown Missoula for a sighting. Meanwhile, JB was kicking back and having some cocktails in the United Kingdom. Partying it up at the "Missoula" bar.

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According to the Missoula-Glasgow Facebook page

Missoula provides an amazing mix of day time and evening meals with late night club nights and cocktails. DJ's showcase the latest in House and chart music every Thurs, Fri and Sat night from 8pm 'til 3am!

Judging by some of the photos on the Missoula Facebook page, it looks like our kind of place. Lots of smiling faces having some good times and adult beverages.

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