Montana has one of the most expensive houses for sale in the entire country. It is a large house that sits on a private island in Flathead Lake and is listed for sale for over $70,000,000. The home, at the moment, hasn't finished it's construction.

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When it comes to homes like this, I think most people ask the question, "who can afford a home like this?". It would have to be someone who, obviously, has a lot of money. That narrows down the list of celebrities that can afford to live there. Here are some suggestions about which "celebrities" should consider buying the most expensive home in Montana.

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Tom Cruise- Tom has the money, he is estimated to be worth $600 million. Most people don't actually know where he really lives, so he could move right in and most people wouldn't have a clue that he lives here.

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Jeff Bezos- Jeff has a net worth of almost $200 billion dollars. He could afford the house easier than most. He also has a huge mega-yacht that may be able to fit on Flathead Lake. The good news would be that he is so wealthy that he probably wouldn't spend much time there.

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Elon Musk- Elon has a net worth almost as much as Jeff Bezos at a little over $190 billion. Elon is a very busy person who would probably not spend much time in Montana, that's a plus. He is busy trying to get people to Mars, building cars and flame throwers, as well as owning the social media platform X.

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Taylor Swift- Taylor has joined the "Billionaire's Club", so she could afford the home. When Taylor isn't touring, she could find Montana a very relaxing. There is speculation about her and Travis Kelce's relationship and their future together. Who knows this Montana home could be their future home. Also between her music, touring career and his football career, they probably wouldn't spend much time in Montana.

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Dennis Washington- Dennis is Montana's richest person, he has a net worth of $7 billion dollars. He is another person who could afford this home. He already calls Montana home, with a residence in Missoula. Dennis already keeps a fairly low profile in Montana and that could continue. Flathead Lake would also be big enough for one of his multiple yachts. Including the one below:

Who knows who will eventually end up buying this home, only time will tell. At the moment the Powerball jackpot is over $1 billion dollars. I will be picking up a ticket, if I am lucky enough to win the jackpot, maybe someday I will call it "home". Please play responsibly.

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