Somebody asked people to "say the weird thing" and the internet delivered. But inadvertently, one influencer may have made an observation about Missoula.

In the video below you'll see the original video of a woman asking, "Say the weird thing," and then it cuts to someone in bed with this very hot take:

"Metalheads are really nice people cosplaying as mean people and hippies are really mean people cosplaying as nice people."


Let me throw out the obligatory disclaimer that this, of course, is stereotyping.

But how do we unpack this?

Missoula has its fair share of both metalheads and hippies, so the observation seems coincidentally appropriate for our town. I wasn't sure what to think, so I surveyed my coworkers to see whether they thought the sentiment rang true.

It was unanimous. They agreed that the "weird thing" was true.

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This is the part where I think it's worth pointing out some ways both Metalheads and Hippies are nice.

Example #1 

The annual music festival Totfest is a bunch of rock and metal lovers rocking out and celebrating a love of tots (the food) and each year it raises awareness and money for good causes.

Example #2

Metal or not, 10 bands just battled it out to raise money for Camp Mak a Dream and helped to bring in $15,000 this year.

Example #3

Multiple lists name Missoula as the most "hippie" town in Montana, so with the highest density of hippies here, you could ask, are Missoulians nice? I've made the argument before that yes, they are. 

Example #4

Missoula's iconic peace sign on Mount Jumbo was installed by a group called the Northside Liberation Front and now lives on at the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center. Also, a smaller peace sign still appears on Mount Jumbo.

You be the judge and take our poll. Do you agree with this "weird thing"?

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