There has been a battle happening between my neighbors and the urban deer population in Missoula. This has been going on for years. If only the deer would eat our dandelions, then there wouldn't be any issues.

Some of my neighbors have built tall fences using bamboo and twine. Others have resorted to putting tinsel along their fence, hoping the sparkly fence will dissuade the deer from ravaging their gardens and flowers.

Urban Deer Eat A Lot of Flowers and Gardens

The deer have pretty much eaten most of my bushes, but not the ones that I want them to eat. They could help by trimming some of the shrubbery that needs it, but no, they eat all the shrubs we need. This morning, in the early hours before it gets light, there were six deer in my yard. That means there twelve beady little eyes watching me leave for work, just waiting to get back to their breakfast.

Deer Resistant Plants

The urban deer don't look to be going anywhere anytime soon. So I will need to look at some plants that will deter the deer from eating them up. It seems like everything we have ever planted has been a gourmet meal for them. There is really only a few ways to guarantee deer won't eat your plants, one is to put up a nine foot tall fence, another is to use "deer repellant spray" liberally and often.

But there are a few plants that deer don't find nearly as tasty. According to here some deer resistant plants for a garden in Montana.

  1.  Bee Balm- Deer don't like the "minty smell" of these plants.
  2. Catmint- Another plant where deer don't like the smell.
  3. Salvia- This plant is good for pollinators, and deer don't seem to like it as much.
  4. Lavender- This plant smells great for humans, but deer don't seem to like it. It is also "drought tolerant" when established.
  5. Russian Sage- It is another plant that is fragrant that deer don't find too appetizing.
  6. Ornamental Grasses- Deer seem to steer clear of the ornamental grasses.
  7. Lungwort- Deer don't see to like this plant as a meal.

If these don't work, you can always do what an acquaintance of mine did. He knew the deer were going to eat his plants, so he planted some really hot peppers. That way if the deer ate them, they may regret it, eventually.

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