Montana is becoming an attractive destination for people who want to work in medical fields. There are more reports coming out about the quality of care that is happening in Montana. There are local hospitals that are winning awards and are gaining national attention.

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WalletHub recently rated Montana as the best state to become a doctor. They have also just ranked Montana as one of the top best five states in 2024 to become a nurse. Montana comes in at number four. The number one state to become a nurse, according to them, is Washington, followed by Maine, New Hampshire, Montana and then New Mexico rounding out the top 5. The worst state to become a nurse is Hawaii according to their report.

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There are a couple areas that are interesting, to me, in their report. Montana, despite being as rural as we are, has the second most health care facilities per-capita in the nation. Montana also has an aging population. By 2030 Montana is expected to be one of the top five states with a "population of over 65". That means Montana will be one state that will be needing more nurses in the near future. When it comes to "Opportunity and Competition", Montana comes in at number two in the country.

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Montana offers a lifestyle that a lot of other states can't. We have opportunities for people who work in high stress positions to avoid "burn out", with all the activities that are available in our state. Those are some of the reasons why Montana continues to be attractive for people in the medical field to consider making this state their home.


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