If you have kids and they are looking for activities to keep them occupied, Montana has a lot to choose from. There is everything from outdoor programs, sports, camping, hiking, and fishing. There is also a program for kids that will teach them about the sport of bowling in Montana and best of all it is free.

Kids Can Bowl for Free in Montana At Specific Alleys

The Kids Bowl Free program is available in select bowling alleys in Montana. When you register your kids, they will get two free games of bowling in the spring and summer. This is a way that the bowling alleys give back to their communities. According to the website over "35 million kids and families have participated" in this program since 2007.

Here are Montana's bowling alleys that participate in the Kids Bowl Free program.

Billings: Town & Country Lanes 6126 U.S. Highway 312 Billings, MT

Great Falls: Little's Lanes 517 1st Ave N, Great Falls, MT

Missoula: Westside Lanes 1615 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT

Hamilton: Ravalli Fun Center 300 Skeels Ave, Hamilton, MT

Helena: Sleeping Giant Lanes 3355 Tricia St, Helena, MT

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Some of the bowling alleys involved in the program are also some of the most popular bowling alleys in the state.

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Lots of parents are looking for alternatives for their kids to keep them occupied in the spring and summer. These activities can help kids stay active, and get them to put down their screens for at least a little while. It is a big bonus that this is free too. Maybe this spring and summer bowling is the perfect alternative that parents have been looking for.

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