First of all, let me say that I really appreciate data. I was into statistics in school, and I love surveys and social science. When I come across just about any kind of data, I'm curious. 

But when I came across some data showing the most searched fashion sneaker in every state and the list included Montana, I got a little skeptical. 

How many Montanans are Googling fashion sneakers? Is this a thing? 

I get it. Shoes are a huge part of fashion and we have some fantastic shoe stores across Montana. When I think about the kinds of shoes that Montanans wear, I'm usually seeing shoes like:

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 
  • Chacos 
  • Anything from Keene or Merrell 
  • Work boots or cowboy boots. 

And there are certainly plenty of sneakers that people wear. But I usually see people wearing them for utility, not fashion. You'll see:  

  • Hoka  
  • New Balance 
  • Brooks 
  • Nike
  • Those shoes that look like gloves for your feet. 

But according to the folks at Reversible who looked at Google trend data from the last year, the most searched fashion sneaker in Montana is the Nike Blazer. 

High top shoe white with red Nike swoosh

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Now, as I'm looking at it, I can see why this might be the kind of shoe that someone from Montana would search for because it kind of looks like a Converse. It has a high top and the traditional 'Nike Swoosh' so it's a little bit reminiscent of the Chuck Taylor All Star. 

But what I have noticed about fashion in Montana in general is that function comes first. I have to wonder if maybe the sample size in this data review for Montana was pretty small. Maybe I'm wrong. I guess I'm going to be looking down for the next couple of weeks to see what shoes people are wearing. 

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