When you have an old house or are interested in home improvement, you find yourself following a lot of DIY accounts on social media. One of my favorite Instagram accounts features old houses from around the United States and worldwide that are unusual or ornate but in disrepair, so they're cheap.

I'm a sucker for these kinds of accounts. Sometimes, it's an escapist exercise and I imagine buying the house and moving to wherever it is especially if it's in Europe. Sometimes, I'm hoping to find ideas or inspiration.

I do not, however, expect to find property in my town. But that's what happened when I came across this post.

The fate of the hospital at Fort Missoula has been a hot topic of conversation. In February, the Missoula Current reported that the Missoula City Council upheld the denial of a permit request to use housing to fund restoration efforts.

Now, the property is for sale by David A. Lemm from Lemm Real Estate LLC for a mere $10. The idea behind the low sale price is so the hospital building can be moved (and the seller is willing to help defray the costs) which is what inspired the Instagram post on Circa Old Houses and then Cheap Old Houses.

The Most Amusing Comments About the Sale of the Old Post Hospital on Instagram

People were quick to point out the unusual situation in the comments--moving a hospital building that's approximately 20,000 square feet is no easy feat. It's a complicated situation that some came to with a bit of levity. Here are a few favorite comments.

The Most Amusing Comments About the Sale of the Old Post Hospital on Instagram

The Old Post Hospital is for sale in Missoula for $10 and was featured on the Cheap Old Houses Instagram Account. These are some amusing comments about the need to move the building.

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