I may be 28 years old and either Gen Z or a Millenial (it's too difficult to remember because I don't care), but TikTok is not on my phone. Once upon a time, I created a TikTok account but deleted it quickly because I didn't want to become addicted.

However, I'm rethinking that after stumbling across this TikTok account that features a hefty dose of Missoula content.

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@dolphin.with.a.drone Missoula, MT on a Sunny Saturday #missoulamontana #montana #decent #dolphin #drone #fy #missoula #saturday #film #senic ♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) - Fleetwood Mac

This TikTok page called "dolphin.with.a.drone" features all sorts of drone footage of Missoula. You can find videos of any area in town - the University, Brooks Street, Reserve Street, South Hills, etc. They have shots of sunsets, shots of Missoula nights, Missoula days... they've got everything.

@dolphin.with.a.drone Replying to @Molly Mcpherson University Of Montana 📍 #missoulamontana#missoula#montana#drone#dolphin#montage#droneshot#fyp#foryoupage#fypシ#notforyou#springbreak2024#happy#spring#winning#smile#hireme#college♬ Ms. Jackson (Instrumental) - Outkast

These videos give me good vibes of my favorite town. The page only has 66 followers so go give them a follow if you're on TikTok. Also, if you repost and comment on a video you can request the page to film a certain area of Missoula. There's even a video of Florence, so maybe you can get them to venture out of Missoula to Lolo, Hamilton or Stevensville.

One question: Why is there a dolphin with a drone? I didn't know dolphins had the capability to film with a drone. Anyways, here's a dolphin with a drone. 

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

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