They're experts at legal strategy in the courtroom. And when we asked some of Missoula's leading law firms to "Can the 'Cats" this year during the annual food drive before the "Brawl of the Wild", they proved to be just as adept.

The attorneys pitched in to use a combination of cash, and non-perishable food donations to not only help Missoula and the Grizzlies down Bozeman and the Bobcats last month but to also claim bragging rights over their legal peers for the next year.

And the winners picked up an unbelievably large trophy Thursday to show their accomplishment and our appreciation.

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A case of pounds, or dollars

We determined the winners by using a combined score, totaling the pounds of food donated, and the cash contributed.

And when the "donation dust" settled, it was Ryan and Miller claiming victory. However, it was a tough fight down the stretch with Judnich Law.

Ryan & Miller: 40 lbs, $525  = 565 Total

Judnich Law: 543 lbs = 543 Total

Holloway & Hulling: 39 lbs, $382 = 421 Total

The Advocates: 154 lbs, = 154 Total

Maldonado Law: 5 lbs, $25 = 30 Total

Angie Miller stopped by to get the trophy on "Daybreak with Dennis", and explained the attorneys in her firm decided to let the money do the talking.

"We thought about having a bunch of people in our office bring in some cans. And we decided to give a big monetary donation as well, just to allow the food bank to use that money how they saw fit," Angie explained. "They thought it was better than hauling in a bunch of cans."

Competition aside, the contest showed caring

"We were really excited. I would say we're a pretty competitive law firm. We also love being able to give back to our community," Angie remarked. "We try to find as many ways as we can over the years. We've back to hundreds of different organizations and so to have something like this it's just a really fun, local competition. And then to have that win with being competitive people it really went a long way in our office."

The trophy isn't "quite" as large as the Stanley Cup, standing nearly two feet high. But we suspect it will become a point of pride to win the cup in the future Can the 'Cats drive between these competitive, and community-driven law firms.

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