What comes to mind when you think of amusements for birthday parties and other gatherings?

There are certainly a number of rental or purchase options. The bouncy house is a mainstay for sure. Maybe croquet. Lawn darts (are those still legal?). Water slides.

Yes, the party planner's job can be a stressful one. What age group or groups are you trying to entertain? What is an activity that is easy enough for everyone to enjoy and yet more than enough fun to still hold your guests' interests?

Enter the portable mini golf course!

Missoula Montana
Image courtesy of Missoula MiniGolf


Missoula MiniGolf is a "start-up pop-up" that's a fun time for all ages. You can familiarize yourselves with the layout on Thursday and Friday evenings, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, on the Lawn at the Warehouse Mall next to Draught Works, 725 Toole Avenue in Missoula. Fees for adults age18-63 are $6 for a single round or $10 unlimited per night. For "elders" (age 64+) and "unders" (up to age 17) fees are $5/single round and $7 unlimited per night.

And since Missoula MiniGolf courses can also come to you, think of the possibilities:

Monthly rentals transform waiting rooms into wellness spaces and break rooms into beneficial places where people clear their minds, release stress and lighten up with a little golfing fun.

Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and office parties, Missoula MiniGolf can make most indoor and outdoor spaces work with minimal impact.

Add a little fun to your fundraisers, potlucks, political gatherings…whatever.

Missoula Montana
Image courtesy of Missoula MiniGolf


Missoula MiniGolf will also set up a course during the Western Montana Fair August 6-11. You can play around or two while enjoying the fair and get better-acquainted with the various courses they can set up for your next gathering. Find out more about them here.

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