Technology is crazy. Mini supercomputers are chilling in our pockets, neurological mind chips are being tested on human subjects, and self-driving cars are roaming the streets.

Even if y'all don't think self-driving cars will improve traffic.

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Or the farfetched self-driving semi trucks.

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But now there's a new piece of autonomous equipment that could help farmers eliminate unwanted weeds.

ZME Science reported that a "poison shooting robot" is in development to aid agriculture. The article said some intelligent folks in Norway developed a robot that can detect and eliminate weeds or unwanted bugs without dousing every single crop with pesticides.

The robot is still in its preliminary phase. Only a few crops are being tested, but it looks futuristic and caught my attention.

It sounds healthier to me. Instead of making pesticides ubiquitous in everything we eat, the robot would aim at only crops affected by weeds or bugs.

BUT... I am not a farmer. In fact, I know jack squat about farming. I'm seeking the opinions of farmers or those with more knowledge than myself.

If you know the agriculture realm read the ZME Science article above and let me know what you think. Would this work? Would this make a significant impact on cleaning up the foods we eat? Would it work specifically in Montana?

Send us your thoughts on our mobile app or in the comments section of our Facebook page.

P.S. A "poison shooting robot" sounds awesome. It could contend with the Terminator.

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